I’m Danielle, the owner and lead photographer of BellaFoto Studios. I’ve been in business for twelve years, I’m a wife to a wonderful man named Kurtis and a mother to my darling boy Asher. We live in Westerly, RI with our adopted ginger cat Marshmellow. And I happen to love photographing love.

I love people. I love weddings. I’m honored to continue photographing my clients after their wedding as their family grows. I love the smell and squeaks newborn babies make. Seeing the way a child is in wonder of the world around them reminds me to breathe it all in - to see the extraordinary within the ordinary. If you’ve ever watched a kids eyes light up with a balloon or blown bubbles, then you know exactly what I mean. My goal is to photograph my clients in a way that makes them feel extraordinary and beautiful, inspired by the awestruck perspective natural in children. I treasure each portrait and wedding experience and am blessed to get to work with such wonderful people. 

Rhode Island Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Danielle Fallon

To document the intimate moments in people’s lives is a big responsibility that I don’t take lightly. I’m constantly learning and trying to improve my skills to provide the best storytelling, authentic and emotionally charged photographs that I can. My clients deserve the very best, after all. Wedding photography in particular challenges every aspect of my skill set - I have to think on my feet, troubleshoot problems that are outside of my control, adapt to inclement weather. While I may make capturing weddings and events look easy, it undoubtedly requires technical ability, compassion and dedication to succeed in this industry. After many years having the privilege to be a part of these life changing moments, there is no other job i I'd rather have.  

I come from an Italian Catholic family in southeastern CT, with strong roots grown from Sunday dinners and a tight knit large extended family. My mother raised me to be strong yet gentle, and independent but coachable, and I am forever grateful for everything she and my dad sacrificed in order to allow me the freedom to follow my dreams. I always had an interest in the arts. I loved drawing and the arts and crafts projects my Nan would plan for me every weekend as a kid. She was my biggest fan, my constant cheerleader, supporting the artist I didn’t yet know that I’d become. I started exploring more art classes through school, realizing my passion and developing my plans for the future. I graduated from UMASS Dartmouth with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography, and then created BellaFoto Studios in 2009. Although Nan is no longer with us, I’d like to think she’s been guiding me all along. 





I follow the CT Wine Trail, but I know nothing about wine

I’ve traveled to the Bahamas, Sicily, Croatia, and Copenhagen

I lived in a tiny home before it was trendy

 I’m a mommy to my son Asher and fur baby Marshmallow 

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